About Us

New Spirit Designs (NSD) (1972)  was born out of a hoteliers frustration at not being able to find flawless, ethically produced, durable, furnishings for a new Bali based resort.

Purchasing an established furniture manufacturing company in Semarang, Indonesia in 2011 and retaining the workers ensured years of experience in the furniture making business to set up a future  steeped in tradition and craftmanship.

Today NSD (1972) comprises a talented workforce, European designers, hospitality industry experienced CEO & designers, local and international sales force and craftsmen whose experience was passed down through family generations with a passion for design, architecture and great attention to detail.

Today NSD (1972) is committed to producing flawless products without compromising the enviroment via ethical production of excellent high quality furniture collections using Grade A Indonesian Teak which speaks to the heart of organic-style living.

Whether it be a commercial, resort, hospitality, spa or hotel project NSD (1972)  has produced outdoor furniture for clients in Indonesia, USA, Australia, The Middle East, Caribbean and Europe.

Our in-house team of designers can create custom drawings for individual pieces or an entire project. Our strength lies in our ability to produce custom designs incorporating modern, innovative ideas which we transform into functional pieces through our use of industry leading materials and technology.

2018 will see NSD (1972) move into the Indoor & Hospitality furniture & accessories market, with exciting ranges coming on line while retaining our outdoor ranges. We invite you to join us on this “Journey” and experience new form in design.